At Amiga of Rochester we have a deep understanding of the Amiga 2000 board. Repairing your existing Amiga is many times cheaper than buying a new one. This means you can keep the Amiga 2000 you’ve had in your family.

Whats included in a repair?

All repaired boards get a preliminary review to determine the level of damage. This is done prior to receiving the board through photos. This allows us to set expectations of pricing.

We start by removing all components in the damaged area and cleaning it of any corrosion and damage.

Sometimes it is necessary to repair vias (holes in the board with circuits) due to the corrosion. We will complete the damaged circuit to ensure they will continue working for the long haul.

CR2032 retro fitting, allowing you to continue using the real time clock.

Finally, the damaged area is coated with a high quality conformal coating. This protects the board from future damage. This includes moisture, corrosion and minor physical damage.

Optionally we offer Ultrasonic Cleaning to give the board a deep clean. This removes any remnant fluxes and hidden corrosion.

Reach out to use and find out what Amiga of Rochester can do for your Amiga 2000! We offer discounts on multiple services being performed as well!


You board will be tested for all functionality prior to being shipped back to you. This means you can rest assured that when you receive your repaired board, you can get right to the action!