These are a list of capacitors we’ve made. Where possible we state the type of capacitor you need.

If a capacitor is labeled as low ESR, you will need a capacitor like a Panasonic F series. If you’d like us to recap a board, we are available to help.

Macintosh LC Power Supply – ASTEC AA16250

c52200pf Y
c62200pf Y
c72200pf Y
c262200pf Y
c301200/16Low ESR
c221200/16Low ESR
c27220/16Low ESR
C251800/10Low ESR
C241800/10Low ESR
C311800/10Low ESR
C32100/10Low ESR
C1456/50Low ESR
c1747/10Low ESR

Macintosh 6100 Power Supply – Astec AA16990

PositionCapacitor ValueSpecial Notes
6.22uf 250vx2 safety capacitor
25470uf/10Low ESR
262200/16low esr
291200/10low esr
45220/10low esr
20710uf/25vLocated on daughter card

Macintosh LC PSU – TDK 699-0153

PositionCapacitor ValueSpecial Notes
88.2/50Low ESR
46270/10Long life/High Reliability
521000/10Low ESR
53270/25Long life/High Reliability
54270uf/25Long life/High Reliability
551000/10Low ESR
5656/25Long life/High Reliability
6047/25Low ESR

Powerbook 180 Power Supply

C2011200uf 16vLow ESR10mm30mm
C10347uf 400v16mm25mm
C11147uf 50v
C15133uf 35v
C2521uf 50v
C202180uf 16v6.5mm
C20782uf 16vLow ESR

Macintosh Color Classic Analog Board

Capacitor PositionValueCapacitor Type NeededNotes
CF10220uf 35vAny will do
CF11470uf 35vAny will do
CF24.7uf 50vAny will doUnder shield
CF7100uf 25vAny will do
CF83300uf 16vAny will do
CF9220uf 25vAny will do
CL111uf 50vAny will doUnder shield
CL132.2uf 200vAny will doUnder shield
CL1447uf 100vLow ESRNext to shield by red wire on flyback
CL1910uf 250vAny will doNext to flyback
CL21100uf 100vLow ESRNext to flyblack (near red wire)
CL23100uf 6.3vAny will doIn rear near trimmer pots in corner
CL241uf 50vAny will do
CL311uf 50vAny will do
CL332.2uf 100vAny will do
CL342.2uf 100vAny will do
CL350.47uf 100v
CL4100uf 25vAny will doNext to CL14
CP101uf 50vAny will do
CP12100uf 100vLow ESR
CP131000uf 35vAny will do
CP141000uf 16vAny will do
CP15100uf 25vAny will do
CP30330uf 400v
CP34100uf 25vAny will do
CP351uf 50vAny will do
CP393300uf 16vLow ESR, Long Life
CP405600uf 10vLow ESR, Long Life
CP411000uf 16vLow ESR, Long Life
CP425600uf 10vExtremely low ESR (Nichicon Px / Panasonic Fx)
CP43470uf 25vAny Miniture
CP44470uf 25vAny Miniture
CP461000uf 10vLow ESR, Long Life
CP471uf 50vAny will do
CP541uf 50vAny will do
CP551uf 50vAny will do
CP563300uf 16vLow ESR, Long Life
CP9100uf 25vAny will do
CS41uf 50vAny will do
CV1310uf 100vAny will doUnder shield
CV17100uf 25vAny will doUnder shield
CV182.2uf 200vAny will doUnder shield
CV192.2uf 200vAny will doUnder shield
CV202.2uf 200vAny will do
CV21100uf 25vAny will doUnder shield
CV391uf 50vAny will do
CV401uf 50vAny will do

Macintosh Classic Analog Board Rev B

CF31000uf 16vAny will do
CF4470uf 25vAny will do
CL11000uf 25vAny will do
CL24.7uf 250vAny will do
CL31uf 50vAny will do
CP1220uf 250v
CP10470uf 25vAny will do
CP11220uf 50vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP121000uf 16vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP13220uf 250v
CP2470uf 50vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP341uf 50vAny will do
CP362200uf 10vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP447uf 25vAny will do
CP51uf 50vAny will do
CP62200uf 10vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP71000uf 10vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP82200uf 16vLow ESR, high reliability.
CP9470uf 25vAny will do
CV2470uf 10vAny will do
CP310uf 25vAny high quality cap
CP371uf 50vAny will do
CL1147uf 16vAny will do
CF2220uf 16vAny will do
CF147uf 25vAny will do