A good customer sent us their Amiga 600 which was not booting. They had gone through reviewing various signals, like _RST, checked voltages and so on. They saw that the 555 was not putting out a proper signal, but couldn’t sort it out. That’s where we come in! We startedContinue Reading

Have boards you need worked on? Feel free to reach out to us! We work on more than Amiga as well. We’ve worked on PC motherboards, Xbox 360s and more! We can also do NESRGB installations! Let us know how we can be of service.Continue Reading

We were recently sent a TRS-80 for restoration. Here is a list of work done: Replace all capacitors Replace the old battery Clean up damage from two capacitors Fix any broken solder joints Ultrasonic the boardContinue Reading

We’ve working with a client to get our hands on two boards they’ve had stored away. While stored away, a family of mice made it their home. Our goal is simple, clean the boards up and identify whether they can be fixed. YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJd7AlM-PULP61-2NCovIuA We will be doing aContinue Reading

This Amiga 600 came in as the owner wanted to replace the IDE header. Through the consulting process we helped acquire the new headers. Here is a complete overview of work performed : Header removed Pads were cleaned with Amtech flux and soldering braid Sony audio chip was cleaned withContinue Reading

A close friend of mine Paul sent over 4 boards for repair. I’ve successfully got 3/4 booting with the 4th one needing a new Agnus socket. Many of them only needed simple things like a new CPU socket (we’ll definitely do more!) I’ve done my best to take detailed photosContinue Reading

This Amiga 1200 was sent in to get some loving. We removed the old naughty capacitors and replaced them with happy little capacitors. This board overall was pretty clean, not much needed. However there were a few bad capacitors, one 10uf by the composite out and one over by theContinue Reading

What was done: Keyboard connector was dismantled and cleaned 5 MLCC capacitors were replaced with brand new ones 4 electrolytic capacitors were replaced to ensure longevity Board was cleaned of previous corrosion and will be covered in conformal coating to help protect it.Continue Reading