Amiga 600 No Boot, black screen

A good customer sent us their Amiga 600 which was not booting. They had gone through reviewing various signals, like _RST, checked voltages and so on. They saw that the 555 was not putting out a proper signal, but couldn’t sort it out. That’s where we come in!

We started by confirming their issue, which we did; It would not start. Now sadly this post is going to be a bit short and not very climatic. I simply pushed down on the 555 and it immediately booted. I went ahead and applied flux and reflowed the chip, it continued booting without any intervention.

What should you check when your 600 does not boot?

  • Look at the output of the 555, make sure it is properly changing output
  • If the 555 is corroded, replace it
  • If the 555 has dry solder joints, add flux and reflow.
  • Using or Amiga 600 schematics follow the path of the KB_RESET signal
  • Look at the RESET signal on the CPU, also look at the HALT signal
  • Q511, these can go bad due to capacitor leakage. This can be replaced with almost any NPN SOT-23 transistor.

This is a general process, if you’re unable to get your board to boot we’re available for repair.

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