Amiga 1200, 1/2 recap

This Amiga 1200 was sent in to get some loving. We removed the old naughty capacitors and replaced them with happy little capacitors.

This board overall was pretty clean, not much needed. However there were a few bad capacitors, one 10uf by the composite out and one over by the floppy port. They were starting to damage the pads and traces around them and by the smell, were leaking for a little while. I went a head and cleaned the pads before placing the new capacitors and made sure no future damage could occur.

All capacitors are Nichicon, Panasonic or Rubycon. All ultra low ESR.

There will be another update with photos of the second board.

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  1. Fine work indeed. Ultrasonic cleaning bath makes a real difference to getting under everything. And you are clearly using the right solder for the job.

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