Amiga 2000 – 4 Board Repair

A close friend of mine Paul sent over 4 boards for repair. I’ve successfully got 3/4 booting with the 4th one needing a new Agnus socket. Many of them only needed simple things like a new CPU socket (we’ll definitely do more!) I’ve done my best to take detailed photos of the renovations.

Board 1

This board was pretty straight forward, it only needed a new CPU socket. This board is not done, we will update the post once we’ve completed it. This is just the start, we will replace capacitors and clean the battery terminals before we’re done.

Board 2

This board, like the previous one only needed a new CPU socket. At Amiga of Rochester we don’t just fix the main issue but perform preventative maintenance where necessary.

In this case we did the following:

  • Replaced the CPU socket
  • Replaced the Kickstart socket
  • Cleaned the board with alcohol
  • Removed and cleaned components near the keyboard connector
  • Replaced electrolytic capacitors around the corrosion area


  1. Cor, you must have a big ultrasound bath to fit these in! 🙂 Very nice.

    1. Author

      Yeah, we have a 31L tank. The 2000 still doesn’t fully fit 🙁

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